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Puppy Pre-School

My Pet Place offers a safe environment that will see you and your puppy thrive together with the skilled guidance of our friendly, proffesional training staff through our four week Puppy Pre-School 

Our Goal

The aim of My Pet Place Puppy Pre-School Training is to teach your pup new skills, to stop or correct undesired behaviours and most importantly to ensure your pup is sociable and confident when entering into our incredibly complex human world.

Our reward-based training program will;

  • Teach you how to communicate with your pup

  • Teach the importance of socialisation, mental and physical stimulation

  • Introduce basic commands

  • Help curb any puppy problems

  • Help you find the correct equipment and appropriate rewards for the best results



Our Puppy Pre-School program is $115 for a 4 week course. While we teach and guide you with proven training techniques, we encourage you to ask questions and take advantage of our trainers and classes, but most of all, have fun doing it!


Interested? Drop by or call us on 03 9498 3381 to book your class today! 

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